Tony’s Story: Eliminating a Complex Brain Tumor

Tony DeGange never thought much about the bump on his head until his barber mentioned that it might be a problem. It was. The bump turned out to be a brain tumor.

Tony’s care team at Mayo Clinic found that his tumor not only was large, it had grown through bone, invaded brain tissue, and it was pressing on very important areas of his brain that affect motor function. Soon it would have a serious impact on his health and quality of life.

Tony’s care team included members from Neurosurgery , Neuro-Oncology, Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Radiology, Pathology and other disciplines, all of whom specialize in the treatment of brain tumors. Together, they developed a multistep treatment plan for Tony that would include surgery and radiation therapy.

The plan also would involve skull reconstruction that included a customized titanium implant to preserve the original shape of Tony’s skull.

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